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Dr. Richard Dickenson, Historian, Staten Island, N.Y.

Dr. Richard Dickenson on New Jersey/New York area from PureHistory on Vimeo.

Dr. Richard B. Dickenson
Borough of Staten Island
County of Richmond
Staten Island, New York

Korean War veteran Richard Dickenson is a researcher, lecturer and historian for the Borough of Staten Island, New York, a tour guide for the City of New York, and a writer. He has a masters degree in Community Leadership and Development from Springfield College in Massachusetts, did graduate studies in town and country planning at the London School of Economics, England, and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in geography from Michigan State University. He has served as president of the Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries on Staten Island and a trustee of the Preservation League of Staten Island and is a member of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, New York State Cemeteries Vandalism Advisory Board, and many other civic and historic organizations, including the NAACP.

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