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Descendants of Michiel DeMOTT

1. Michiel DeMOTT #334 born abt 1640, France. ?, married Annetje HENDRICKS #335, born 1656, Netherlands?, (step-daughter of Anthony Janson WESTBROEK #341 and daughter of Orseltje DIRCKS #342) died aft 1693, NY. Michiel died abt 1715. SOURCE: LDS Film #1035591, Malla DeMotte, DAR #338969 & 0842587 The book DeMotte & Allied Families, Published 1953 by Phoebe DeMotte Norman & Estella DeMotte Craig, Hoes Baptismal Register Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY SOURCE #2: Family Tree Maker WFT disk #3 & #7

Family Story

Michiel DeMOTT came to America by the way of Holland. His name appears in the records of Kingston as early as 1665. He is said to have first lived for a short time in New Amsterdam before buying land from the Indians in a French settlement in the Esopus. It is not known just where this French setlement was located. Esopus was originallly a general name of a large and indefinite tract of country owned by a tribe of Indians by that name. Later Michiel is mentioned as living in Wiltwyk – a Dutch settlement. Early records of the De Mott family are meager. After our branch of the family reached America most of the baptismal and marriage records can be found in the old records of the Dutch Reformed Church. The name has been spelled variously – De Motte, De Mott, De Modt, De Moedt, De Moth, De Muth, Demut, de Mot, Demott, Modt, Mott.

Annetje: SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591, Malla DeMotte Louny DAR # 338969. Charles Acree Nov 2001.

The name of Annetje step-father Anthony does not appear in the list of early inhabitants of Albany, but Cornelis Tenissen Van Wesbrouck is given in the first volume of “Annals of Albany” by Joel Mansell, as a settler in Albany in 1631. As Teunis is the Dutch name for Anthony, The English translation of the above is, Cornelius Anthony of Wesbrouck. This may have been shortened to Anthony Wesbrouck. However that is conjecture.

The births of four of Ante and Michiel children are recorded in the old Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston NY. A son Anthony, is mentioned in histories but no birth record has been found. He may have been born before the births of the Kingston Church were recorded.

I also have seen her birth information as ca 1654 at Hellegersberg, Netherlands this source comes from the Family Tree Maker disk number 3 ALIAS: Armetze / Annetie / Westbrook / Wesbrouck / Hendricks


2. i Maria DeMOTT #4557 born 22 Dec 1678.

3. ii Johannes DeMOTT #337 born 1682.

4. iii Dirck DeMOTT #338 born 21 Sep 1684.

5. iv Anthony DeMOTT #336 born 1686.

6. v Michiel DeMOTT #4558 born 1 Jan 1687.

7. vi Hendrick DeMOTT #4497 born Kingston, NY. SOURCE: LDS Film # 1035591. AKA: Henry

8. vii Mathias DeMOTT #4762 born abt 1680.

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