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Descendants of Coert Van Voorhees Family


STEVEN KOERTS is the immigrant ancestor of the VAN VOORHEES family in the United States of America. Steven was born abt 1600 near Hees in the Province of Drenthe in Holland.

From newsletter of the Van Voorhees Association; Vol 6, No 1; 1988: The name of the first wife was found on the marriage certificate of daughter of Marchien. She was mentioned on the certificate as a daughter of “Steven Cours and the late Aaltjen Wessels.”

After the death of Aeltjen, Steven married (2) in Holland WILLEMPIE ROELOFSE SEBRING born about 1619; died 1690; daughter of Roelof Sebring and (unknown). Steven was apparently a man with some means as he was able to provide for his family for several months before purchasing several acres of land in the village of Amersfoort in New Amsterdam. He also purchased all of the equipment needed to start a brewing business. He was a respected member of the community entering into the civic and religious affairs. Several tracts of land were passed to his heirs when he died 16 Feb 1684. He left will dated 25 Aug 1677.

From Van Voorhees Newsletter; Vol 16; No. 1; 1998;

Recent correspondence with Peter R. Newcombe of Devon, England, has revealed another son of Coert Van Voorhees. Albert Coerts Voorhees was born 1590 and died about 1660 Hees Holland. He remained in Holland where his descendants stayed in Drenthe until about 1950.


Children of Albert Coerts Van Voorhees and (unknown):

1. Coert Alberts born about 1620; married Swaentien Willems; resided at Voorhees Holland.

Children of Steven Van Voorhees and Aaltjen Wessels:

1. Coert born about 1638 in the Netherlands; died after 20 June 1699 Flatlands NY; married Marretje Gerretse Van Couwenhoven bp 10 Apr 1644 Brooklyn RDC; died between 1702 and 1709; daughter of Gerret Wolfertse Van Couwenhoven and Aeltje Cool.

2. Wessel bp 25 Sep 1640 Netherlands; buried there 14 Jan 1641.

3. Marchien/Mergin born about 1640 Netherlands; married 14 Dec 1664 to Roelof Oostinge. Possibly married (2) Remmelt Willemse. There is no evidence that she removed from the Netherlands.

4. Hendrickje born about 1640 Netherlands; married Jan Kiersen in the Netherlands; they emigrated with the family of her father in 1660.


5. Lucas born about 1650 Netherlands; died after 28 Dec 1724; married (1) Catherine Hansen Van Nostrand born 30 Nov 1653 LI NY; daughter of Hans Hansen and Jenneken Gerrets Van Loon; married (2) Jannetje Minnes 26 Jan 1689 Flatbush, daughter of Minne Johannes Mineola and Rensje Fedders.

6. JAN born 1652 Netherlands; married (1) 17 Mar 1678 Cornelia Reiniers Wizzelpenning 17 Mar 1678, daughter of Reiner Wizzelpenning and Jannetje Snedeker; Cornelia died about 1680; married (2) 8 Oct 1680 FEMMETJE AUKES VAN NUYS bp 12 Mar 1662 Brooklyn; died after 1772; daughter of Auke Jans Van Nuys and Magdalene Peters. They resided Flatlands NY and Jan made his will there 3 Jan 1723; probated 20 Nov 1735.

7. Albert born Netherlands; died after 14 May 1727; married 24 Apr 1681 Helletje Reiniers Wizzelpenning; daughter of Reiner Wizzelpenning and Jannetje Snedeker; died about 1691. Albert married (2) Elena Vander Schure bp 23 Oct 1667 New Amsterdam; daughter of William Vander Schure and Grietje Platenburg. He moved about 1686 to a tract of land north of Hackensack NJ.

8. Aeltje born Netherlands; married Barent Jurjansen Ryder.

9. Jannetje born Netherlands; died after 5 July 1694; married (1) Jan Martense Schenck who died after 28 Jan 1688/9; married (2) 29 Feb 1690 Alexander Simpson.

10. Hendrickje born Netherlands; died 1692 or 1693; about 1676 married Albert Terhuyne bp 13 Aug 1651 Flatbush.


Children of Coert Alberts Van Voorhees and Swaentien Willems:

1. Hilbert Coerts born about 1644; died after 1709; married Geertjen Hendriks who died before 1709.

2. Wessel Coerts married 1677 Aaltjen Freriks Veeningen. He moved to a farm in Veeningen near Auidwolde Drenthe which his wife owned. He changed his name to Veeningen as was the custom.

Children of Coert Van Voorhees and Marretje Van Couwenhoven:

1. Steven born about 1667; died 16 Feb 1723/4; married (1) Agathe Janse.

2. Neeltje born 30 June 1676 Flatlands NY; died 4 Aug 1750 Monmouth Co. NJ; married Gerrit Roelofse Schenck born 27 Oct 1671 Flatlands NY; died 5 Sep 1745 Pleasant Valley Monmouth Co. NJ; son of Roelof Martense Schenck and Neeltje Gerretse Van Couwenhoven.

3. Marretje married 11 Dec 1681 Jacob Remsen.

4. Albert married (1) Sarah Willemse Cornell who died 1736; daughter of Willem Cornell and Margrietje Polhemus; married (2) 15 May 1743 Willempie Suydam born 1723; daughter of Ryck Suydam and Elizabeth Willemse; married (3) 1 Dec 1744 Ida Vanderbilt. Albert left will dated 14 May 1747 and proved 14 Apr 1748.

5. Gerrit married (1) Mensje Jans; married (2) 26 Apr 1685 Willemje Peters. Gerrit left will dated 10 Oct1702; proved 23 Sep 1704.

6. Altie married (1) Johannes Willemse; married (2) 16 Apr 1687 Rutgert Van Brunt.

7. Cornelis bp 23 Jan 1678 Flatlands NY; married Antie Rappaleje bp 27 Mar 1681 RDC Flatbush NY; daughter of Daniel Jorise Rappaleje and Sarah Clock.

8. Annatie bp 5 Dec 1680 Flatlands NY; married Jan Rapalje born 17 Dec 1673; died 1733; son of Jeronemus Rapalje and Anna Denyse.

9. Johannes bp 20 Apr 1683 Flatlands NY; died before 5 Feb 1758 Fishkill NY; married (1) 19 Nov 1703 Barbara Van Dyck born 20 Dec 1682 Flatlands NY; died 18 Apr 1743 Fishkill NY; married (2) 2 May 1744 Sarah Van Vliet.

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