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Dark Invasion


Dark Invasion by Howard Blum: The Book Trailer

DARK INVASION: 1915, Germany’s Secret War Against America, the latest book by New York Times bestselling author Howard Blum, tells the story of the first terrorist attack on the United States. A team of German saboteurs engage in a campaign of bombing, germ warfare, and attempted assassinations along the East Coast as New York police inspector Tom Tunney—head of the department’s bomb squad—is tasked with bringing them to justice. DARK INVASION is soon to be a feature film starring Bradley Cooper.

18090209Dark Invasion: 1915: Germany’s Secret War and the Hunt for the First Terrorist Cell in America by Howard Blum (Goodreads Author)

From bestselling author Howard Blum comes a remarkable true story of a pivotal moment in American history when the nation’s first counterterrorism unit waged a secret war to stop a stealth army of German spies and saboteurs.

In the early days of World War I, the German high command is outraged that supposedly “neutral” America is aggressively trading with the Allies, giving them a critical advantage in weapons and supplies. Desperate to disrupt the surreptitious support without pushing the United States into the conflict, German spymasters hatch a secret campaign of terrorism and sabotage on US soil.
Among the conspirators are an expert on germ warfare, a murderous Harvard professor, and a debonair German officer turned master spy. Their targets are ships, factories, livestock, and even captains of the military-industrial complex such as J. P. Morgan. Their tools are murder, assassination, bombs, and a germ warfare campaign instigated from a clandestine laboratory six miles from the White House. And their schemes include sabotaging American munitions factories and supply depots, planting bombs on, bombing the Capitol Building, and spreading deadly toxins.

For Police Inspector Tom Tunney, a former NYPD bomb squad expert tasked with rooting out the spies, the immense challenge dwarf those that will be faced by his terror-fighting successors decades later. The Kaiser’s spies are well-trained, well-funded, and inventive. Plus, they have the assistance of many of the nearly eight million German-Americans – a potential army of moles and fellow saboteurs.

As Tunney enters the deep labyrinth of deception that the Germans have created, he begins to realize that the scope of the terrorists’ plan is far greater than anyone suspected.  At stake is not only the fate of America’s allies, but America itself.

At once an edge-of-the-seat spy thriller and an illuminating portrait of a unit that was, in effect, America’s first department of homeland security, Dark Invasion is a tour de force of narrative history.

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