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Burlington County History Timeline

1683- The four original counties of East Jersey Province: Bergen, Essex,  Middlesex,
Monmouth.  Courts were established in 1675.  Burlington and Salem Counties, West Jersey Province in 1681.
1692- Boundary set with Gloucester County.
1693- Boundary repealed.
1694- Burlington, Gloucester and Salem formally designated as counties of West Jersey
Province. Formed from the first and second Tenths.  Consisted of Burlington, Chester, Chesterfield, Evesham, Mansfield, Northampton, Nottingham, Springfield and Willingboro townships. Part of West Jersey above Assunpink Creek tentatively annexed.
1710- Boundaries more definitely defined.
1714- Part set off as Hunterdon County.
1838- Part (Nottingham Township) set off to Mercer County.
1857- Boundary with Ocean County clarified.
1878- Cape May gained from Burlington. ( I can’t figure this one out)
1891- Part (Little Egg Harbor Township) to Ocean County.
1902- Part added from Camden and Atlantic Counties.

 Evesham Township History – Synopses
1676- Thomas Eves, an Englishman, purchases a large tract of land in what would becomeEvesham.
1688- Evesham established as one of eight constabularies in Burlington County.
1758- What is now the village of Marlton, and then called Evesham, was established.
1780- John Hammitt established a tavern in his home.
1802- Huge section of township split off to form Washington Township.
1806- Marl, a greenish mixture of clay and shell useful as fertilizer, is discovered.
1820- Samuel Swain builds a tavern at the intersection of Main Street and Maple Ave.
1845- Village renamed Marlton.
1847- Medford splits off.
1850- Swain’s tavern, the new Rising Sun, becomes the Bareford Hotel.
1872- Mount Laurel departs.
1878- First meeting held in new town hall.
1881- Arrival of the railroad.
1925- Construction of State Highway 70 begins, effectively bypasses the town.
1940- Construction of Marlton Circle facilitates interchange between Routes 70 and 73.
1950- First of several waves of development begin, a series that will change the township from a village of about 5,000 to a suburb of 40,000 today.
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