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Beach Blanket Babylon


Beach Blanket Babylon 

“Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon,” the world’s longest running musical revue. The always-changing Steve Silvers Beach Blanket Babylon is the worlds longest running musical revue. Packed with hilarious spoofs of pop culture & political characters, outrageously gigantic hats and one show-stopping number after another, the show continues to dazzle audiences at Club Fugazi in San Franciscos North Beach district.

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Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon is America’s longest-running musical revue. The show began its run in 1974, at Club Savoy Tivoli and has since moved to the larger Club Fugazi in the North Beach district of San Francisco.

The show was created by Steve Silver (1944-1995) and continues under the direction of his wife, Jo Schuman Silver with frequent changes and spoofs of pop and political culture. Performers wear disproportionately large hats/wigs and gaudy costumes while performing satirical renditions of popular songs.

Plot summary

Beach Blanket Babylon follows Snow White as she takes a fast-paced journey around the world in search of her “Prince Charming.”  Along the way she encounters a large group of figures from popular culture, who together perform satirical songs. Figures lampooned include politicians and political figures from the San Francisco, California and U.S. governments, film and television stars, famous singers and athletes, and others who have been in the news. Also present are long-running characters such as Glinda the Good WitchMr. PeanutLouis XIVOprah WinfreyJames BrownTina TurnerCarmen MirandaElvis Presley, a band of dancing French Poodles, and Snow White’s tour guide, a female narrator who takes on several incarnations from an Italian pizza lady to a cowgirl.


The show was described as “A constant cascade of showstoppers” by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2010.

Awards and accolades

The section of Green Street between Columbus Avenue and Powell Street was renamed “Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard,” in honor of the show.

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