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American Choral Music, 1870-1923

American Choral Music, 1870-1923

Title: American Choral Music, 1870-1923
Date Created: Span: 1870-1923
Language: English
Form: web presentation
Abstract: A collaborative project between the American Choral Directors Association and the Library of Congress Music Division, American Choral Music, 1870-1923, provides access to public domain choral music by the preeminent American composers of the day. The site features biographical essays and historical and stylistic information on each piece. A variety of choral music is represented, including sacred and secular, works for mixed chorus, women’s and men’s ensemble, and children’s chorus.
Contents Note:Choral music by American composers (26); historical and biographical essays (34).

Wade in the Water – African American Choral Ensemble feat. The Nyahbinghi Livity Choir

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Subjects: American Composers
 Choral Music
 Sacred Music
Women Composers
Beach, Amy
Buck, Dudley
Chadwick, George Whitefield
Daniels, Mabel
Dett, R. Nathanie
Gilchrist, William W.
Lang, Margaret Ruthven
Parker, Horatio
Music Division, Library of Congress
Online Collection

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