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2016 GOP Convention

Donald Trump Accepts Republican Nomination for President (7-21-16)

Donald Trump Full Speech at Republican National Convention (July 21, 2016) Donald Trump RNC Speech. WATCH LIVE: : Republican National Convention Day 4 (July 21, 2016) RNC DAY 4 Cleveland, Ohio – Republican National Convention FINAL NIGHT Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Speech. Donald Trump Wins Nomination! – Donald Trump Nominated – Donald Trump Officially Nominated After Historic Vote at RNC (7-21-16). 

tumblr_inline_oapa3hvVd11tyi6c4_500An unprecedented balloon drop befitting an unprecedented leader. (Photo credit: Grant Miller)

The balloons have dropped and Donald J. Trump has officially accepted the Republican nomination for President. Americans across the country came together–whether packing the Quicken Loans arena in Cleveland or watching from home –to hear unifying messages about how to “Make America One Again.” Speakers, including Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Peter Thiel, and GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, presented a common message: we are stronger together.

tumblr_inline_oapa2kxQ9Z1tyi6c4_500Donald J. Trump outlined his agenda for leading America to the next level of greatness. (Photo credit: Grant Miller)

Donald J. Trump was welcomed to the stage by his daughter, Ivanka, who outlined an agenda of working together to build an economy where there is opportunity for all. After accepting the nomination, Donald Trump outlined his path to “Make America Great Again” and a return to a nation that respects law and order.

The road to November starts now, and the fight is just beginning. We hope you enjoyed the 2016 Republican National Convention!

If you missed any of the action, you can see it all here.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the final night of the 2016 GOP Convention:

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